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With over 30 years of combined experience in the industry, Mr. Glass Doors and Windows Manufacturing LLC has learned that the best opportunity for growth rests on the quality of our product. Because of this, we never compromise the craftsmanship of our windows and/or doors. We are focused on innovative approaches and solutions to fit our customers’ needs, whether it be for your home or business, in Florida or in the Caribbean.

We are located in South Florida and understand the needs of our community. Through extensive quality assurance, our team of Engineers ensure that the product that is delivered to the project site is first-rate. We are constantly looking to improve by seeking out the latest technology and the best materials. Every aspect of the manufacturing process is analyzed to ensure the material we source and the processes we use achieve the best performance possible while requiring minimal maintenance.

Benefits Of Impact Windows And Doors

Storm Protection

Prepare your home for the next hurricane with products specifically made to withstand the elements. Designed to withstand pressures up to +/- 100, our products will keep you and your family safe when a storm arises.

Year-Round Burglar Protection

Many homeowners are paying $30 – $90 a month for a security system. Save money on a security system by installing impact windows and doors. Our products keep unwanted intruders out and your home safe.

Energy Savings & UV Protection

Save 20-30% on your monthly energy bill by switching to energy efficient windows from one of our leading manufacturers.

Insurance Discounts

With a wind mitigation inspection, you can save up to 30% on your homeowners insurance policy by swapping out your standard windows to impact windows and doors.

Noise Reduction

Tired of hearing your A/C crank on at night or maybe you have noisy neighbors, with Impact Windows and Doors you can decrease exterior noises by more than 80%!

Increase Your Properties Value

With a wide variety of designs, increase your homes curb appeal and property value by switching to impact windows and doors.

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